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The main purpose in session is to get to energetic root cause of any issues.   


If an issue does not go away or it reappears after being healed::

  • Often the karmic lesson has not been learned for that specific issue.


  • If one does not know the Origin or the Cause it can be impossible to learn the lesson.   So  the pain may stay with the person sometimes for an entire lifetime.



 SOME ROOT CAUSES:  (If nothing else has worked thus far)


  •  Karmic Knots  

  • Etheric Implants  (held in the astral body between dimensions 4.0 & 4.5)


  • Toxicity  (held between the upper bodies).

  • Miasms triggered by the implants 


  • Adverse Astrological Influences (Mars, Saturn)​ ​

  • Adverse Electromanetic Influences 4G/5G

  • High Tech Activity - from other devices.

  • Plus others not mentioned here!  


These causes may also be triggering other situations not yet detectable by other means or healing modalities.    ​



Many of the CAUSES above may have NOTHING to do with Implants.

But here I will detail Implants specifically. 


During session I will check to see if IMPLANTS are in place.  These are detected in the astral body.  There are many details regarding their creation & often they can trigger migraines.   

It was in the 90's that I learned about these devices & learned how to gracefully remove them.   


Here I will mentions 2 types of implants:   Etheric Crystals are different!

1.  Most humans have some form of Implants.   Some were placed benevolently before birth in order to block too much light from pouring into the body TOO FAST if the person was not ready for such power (as they got older).   The biological systems may not have been ready for such pouring.

Because of the great awakening taking place... the time has come for these devices to be removed.   

2.  Other times the implants are karmic in nature & were placed there via other means.   These will also block Divine Light from pouring in adding pressure to the area & increasing headaches  & migraines.   


Some of these implants are activated via adverse electromagnetic influences or via outdated karmic imprints.  Karmic memory from Atlantis, Lemuria or other planets may still be in place.


In session I will do an Astral Sweep, in addition to detecting the karma involved in this situation.    

Please remember that for every step that you take The Great Divine takes two for you. 

You are never alone



All Healings are Christed Coded in Service to Benevolence & Purity 


Linda:  941.564-7881

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I do not give medical advice.  Please consult with your doctor for any medical issue or advice.  My work is done at the energetic level & I do not claim to cure disease.    


This work is to clear karma & the many issues held outside the body which are not provided by the mainstream systems now in place.   The purpose is to heal the soul.   Any benefit you receive comes from the energetic aspects & from the lessons learnt during session.   


I will provide nutritional advice as needed.




To those who it may concern

In service to Source I ask to ask to please refrain from Plagiarism.   

From this or any of my other writings.


I pray that everyone finds their own voice.  Their own translation

as it is derived from their innate & authentic Soul's Wisdom.   

Through this request I am releasing your power back to you. 

You don't need the words of others to authenticate your business.

As I firmly place this request in the Hologram the blessings will

pour to all healers out there needing to activate their own voices of authentication.

In Yehoshua's  Name - Universal Christ Law


May the blessings be...


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