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Email, Privacy & Encryption

USA versus Europe.


Information is given on the intricacies for safe communication between emails as they pass through their specified servers.   Specific European laws prohibit the selling of information & as such email servers in such areas are created with very advanced & strict privacy demands that guarantee 100% peace of mind for anyone that uses their emails services.   This applies to any other informational conduit provided by such company!

These are emails services that freely allow 100% encryption between communicators. Their servers are prohibited from having the code or key to open such email once encryption has transpired (Gibberish is all they'll see)    Once they pass through their specified servers the information continues to be encrypted until it reaches its destination.   Once destination has been reached the receiver needs to have the "code name" previously created by the sender.  


This assured privacy is hardly a luxury here in the USA.  Once information is released and continues through the servers... anyone can open it & do anything they want with such information.   Such disregards for privacy is not allowed in specified localities.   Switzerland is the best example for such luxury.  

The good news:

Because the virtual world is unlimited in its potential to holographically be everywhere at once,...  one can have these emails here in the US without the constant bombardment of spying from US servers or their selling or personal information.  


You can have a free email service here in the US connected with the most powerful & private Swiss server even as it resides in its country of 'nacimiento' (aka birth).

You may say I don't need privacy.  But for many their personal information is gold.  With the disregards that are taking place with back doors, corrupted files, bugs, spyware..etc.  I believe that having our simpler form of communication in safety mode is essential for our peace of mind & the leisure provides.   Protonmail is the one I use!

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