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Primary & Secondary Protocol - Security Programming


Responsible for creating all written information for International Double Security  Protocol.   Creating all protocol measures in discreet alignment with the lifestyle of the family under my care.


With the Secondary Protocol personal freedoms are easier to maintain.


The Secondary Protocol is a separate program from the already set in place (primary) programming given to the bodyguards in place.  These are extra security measures that are completely unknown by the agencies or the bodyguards hired by such agencies.  

The secondary protocol is written if for any reason I was left alone with the lady of the house, the senior lady or any children or grandchildren.  Bodyguards can only do so much.   And in case of bodyguard mistrust there is always a second set of rules for the safety of my clients.  

This is a Double Security protocol that I take as a part of my own discernment  depending on the level of security needed.  It is set only for the most advanced levels of security.   And for the family's most vulnerable.

All programs: Primary Protocol & Secondary Protocol are created, articulated & written by me.  All training (not combat) for domestic dwelling, transport & leisured activity are done by my own created efforts and aligned to the duties of the bodyguards in place.

The senior lady of the house





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