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I do not diagnose or give 'physical' medical advice.  Please consult with your doctor for any medical issue.  My work is done at the energetic level & I do not claim to cure disease. 

This work is to clear karma & the many issues held outside the body which are not provided by the mainstream systems now in place.   The purpose is to HEAL THE SOUL.   Any benefit you receive comes from the energetic aspects & from the soul's lessons learnt during session. 



My Upper Dimensional Intuition details information from an energetic perspective.  This comes from a dimensional status beyond any physical present condition.   

Some issues stem from a suppressed emotional aspect stagnant in the body.   In session the emotional body is looked upon in additional to the astral, mental & UPPER bodies.

Since the physical body is connected to many dimensional levels & since I work at the higher levels, I will never interfere nor advice you on anything that your doctor has prescribed.

The Sanctity & Free Will connection to your doctor will always be respected. 


May The Blessings Be...

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