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Other "Worldly" Experience   Security Management
  • International Jet setting experience with exquisite epicurean knowledge: food & wine.

  • Discreet courteous service ensuring thorough high security standards.  

  • Hiring trustworthy bodyguards during international travels & making sure foreign dwelling is properly secured.  All security cameras in perfect working condition. 

  • Updating any microchips placed on pets or children & align properly to specified computer programs.  Monitoring security programs that no hacking has transpire.  Fireproofing all programming.   All technology tested for radius mileage accuracy in case of any kidnappings.

  • Shopping with the senior lady of the house.  Asserting that all security measures are discretely set in place as she leisures at her pace.  Defensive measures taken if the two of us are ever left alone.   Staying a few steps ahead (of the bodyguards) guarding our sphere of activity & ensuring both of us are shielded. 

  • Responsibility taken that NO new Guards are ever hired during the assigned contract.  And ensuring that all hired are committed for the entire term of the assignment.  Any 'suspicious replacement immediately removed & sent for investigation.  

  • Educate all family members on all safety measures within the house, vehicles & the Critical Detection of any changes exhibited by those that are hired for their safety. 

  • Ensuring full Security Clearance (all levels) from Embasy of nationality for airport transitions.

  • ---

  • Ensuring that my food intake is geared towards clear mindless, immune system strength, physical vitality, flexibility & lean muscle robusticity.

  • Ensuring all my work is done for the highest good of all concerned & with upmost integrity.

Computer Work:

Basic to advance computer knowledge.   Full capacity to download/install any Linux operating systems as an alternative to Microsoft Windows.  Preparing the BIOS for proper start-up if usage is for transitional purposes.   Or for trial experimentation purposes if in doubt of the risky Microsoft 'safety measures'.  

Linux Kerners chosen with the longest support term & most compatible to the Operating System now in place.  

If the choice is to remain with Windows & Linux simultaneously then a permanent partitioning would ensure usage of both.   If only Linux is desired then the complete overtake of Windows would ensure only Linux is in place.  Replacing hardrive (if needed) with the more efficient & secure SSD Drive (Solid State Drive).   


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