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The Elders, Constipation, The Gut (2nd brain) & Serotonin levels.

For constipation I go the holistic way using specific teas that can force gentle evacuations of the bowels. 


Senna teas are wonderful but only if they are formulated with specific Herbal Aromatics.  Aromatics such as ginger, orange or lemon which will sooth any irritation or spasm thus created by the straining.  Or by irritation thus created by the Senna alone


Staying away from cheap, harsh & chemically ridden laxatives is essential for a healthy colon.  The intestinal track plays a major part on all the processes of the body.   The gut is the second brain just as important as the main brain when it comes to the immune system.   Since Gut health is needed for a proper immune system... when synthetic laxatives are used they quickly become a danger not only to the colon but to the many immune processes of the body.   


Serotonin is a brain neurotransmitter which is produced by the Pineal Gland.  It is known to produce peaceful & deep sleep.   What is not really known is that it is also produced in the GUT.   When the beneficial bacteria in the gut is at its finest...  (including serotonin creation) then all the functions of the intestinal track not only creates healthy bowel movements but it also assists the body to repair itself accordingly.   


The Gut is a program (with its own separate intelligence) which can alter all the other programs, drives & processes of the body (for good or for bad).   If the gut is not working properly the rest of the body suffers


The mycrobiome is another component that the gut needs to assert healthy immunological processes.   Please be informed of this life-giving powerful component if you are interested in activating your own immune system & its vibratory pathways of regeneration.   


Biologically the immune system is nothing without the gut and the gut is nothing without a healthy flora, healthy bacteria & a healthy mycrobiome.  These are the good soldiers working to fight any pathogenic intruders sneaking in to rob the house.  

More information soon to come:

  • Cancer, Weight loss, Malabsorption.  The Vagus Nerve & The Gut.  Gut brain connection etc etc....)


 This was written in service to love!

Linda Halliburton.



© 2010 By Linda Halliburton


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