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•  Astrological karmic clearing.  Including karma from outside our galactic home.  Retrieving & healing all fragments of soul stuck between planetary orbits.  Special attention given to the Chiron Belt as it orbits  between Saturn & Uranus.   


Many here on earth still hold karma from a specific outer planet that was destroyed eons ago.  Remnants of the soul still lingers within this & many other orbits!. 


Much of what is going on today is a carrier of the memory from this ancient past.  After the implosion of this previously incarnated planet; Earth became the resting place where our self-inflicting wounds (karma) could be healed. 


In session we can check what percentage of karma is still pending.

For many 'much' of this karma has been lifted.  But due to the present conditions on earth (that resemble this original incarnation) the memory may come up enhancing the memory &/or experience as it is reflected back from the collective.  


We can then clear the memory & retrieve any soul-aspects - cleansed cleared & purified!  




•  Electromagnetic restoration; Harmful radiation clearing: Earth & beyond.


•  DNA clearings.  Telomere repair.  Cellular karmic release.  Divine Subatomic adjustments.   


•  Inner Light-body Activations.   Beyond Ascension triggers.


NOTE:  Karmic Clearings are needed for these Activations.  Like the peeling of the onion; we peel each layer through to your inner-core essence.  As more light is revealed: 'activations' become ready for approval, naturally revealing all intricacy of detail! 


I will detail all the intricacies as they gradually emerge from their "deep sleep" through this gentle most loving Crystal Clear Awakening. 




Please remember that for every step that you take The Great Divine takes two for you. 

You are never alone - We are never alone - We of the Light walk Side by Side!

This was written in service to Biological-Ascension - Christ Code-Awakening:

Healing of the masses!





Linda Halliburton 



International Phone Sessions:

$100 Hourly


Due to the Holographic nature of my work a lot transpires in one hour.

Because I have already done the preliminary work on myself all healings now transpire

quite rapidly during sessions. 

Cutting the pathway into the higher dimensions has allowed for a diminishing of time (withing our time-continuum) which consequently advances all phone-sessions with a cosmic velocity

not experienced in previous years.


Due to this velocity of time PHONE SESSIONS are essential.   This allows me to accurately decipher cellular memory programs & get the holographic visuals needed for each specific issue.​​​   This will greatly slow down if in person (due to the physical getting in the way of  SEEING...


As a Path-cutter into the higher dimensions I honor our beautifully pristine phone session encounters.

May the blessings be as you too cut the pathway into your own harmonic sphere of upper dimensional reality.



All Healings are Christed Coded in Service to SAFE Biological Ascension.  







Copyright Protection:  To those it may concern:



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