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About me

My Healing Path began in 1992 following the 1st Phase Mass Awakening of 1998.    After many years of self-healing & true dedication to SILENCE my DNA began its natural & gradual activation.   

It was in 2000 that I awakened to one of my most precious gifts: Sacred Geometry.   I began drawing most beautiful & complex structures which allowed me to see hidden equations within the intricacy & absolute perfection of the interconnecting lines.   Through the years more & more of their power & operational potential would reveal as more of my DNA continued its gradual yet steady activation. 

Please be advised that everyone receives some form of activation naturally each & every time self-healing takes place.   It is a Soul Contract reserved for ALL.   (Increase your love vibration & the power increases!


How Did It All Began

As we all know once the soul enters earth through the Birth Canal the 'sleeping programs' become activated... lights out!.    But some souls come in partially awakened.    My lights too were also shut down but not fully.   There was a glimpse of 7th Dimensional strata fully opened.   

This did not become comprehensible until my Sacred Geometry codes were somewhat deciphered.    
These are not outside myself but intertwined within all memory profiles held within my soul & spirit. 

Multidimensional capacity for higher mathematical deciphering allows me to glimpse holographic visuals which allows me to see, translate & decipher cellular memory programs in connection to any karmic memory & or past life experience permitted by the soul in question.

For everyone that were born sleep... their time is now ripe for gentle awakening.   For everystep that they take their spirit will take two for them.    Those fully or partial awakened become a more powerful light as true authenticity is exerted beyond any hesitation.   



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